10 Step To Have a Perfect Make Up

10 Step To Have a Perfect Make Up
Beauty is a must for women. Perform perfectly every day will make women more confident in life. Many women will do everything so they can look perfect and beautiful. Perfect make up very helpful in getting a dream appearance. 

With measures applying makeup properly, will help you to look fresh, beautiful, and charming. 

How To Get Perfect Make Up?

These are some basic steps in make up you should do :

1. Base Make Up

Base makeup is intended as a moisturizer that can protect your skin so it does not dry, protect exposed skin before makeup and make your makeup last longer. Apply evenly on your face.

2. Concealer

Use concealer to cover blemishes and imperfections on your face. Apply in sections that you feel are necessary, such as eye bags, acne scars and black spots.

3. Foundation

The main function is as a basic foundation (base) and can flatten the skin colour. Choose a foundation that matches with your colour skin. Apply using sponges with the way in pat-clap to face or using a brush to flatten over the face to the neck. You can also replace the foundation with a BB Cream that is sold in the market today.

4. Loose Powder (powder)

After wearing foundation, use powder that works to absorb excess oil on the face. Because the powder contains sebum regulator that can control the oil levels in the face. 

5. Two way cake

If you want a more natural result, you just simply apply the powder alone. But if you want to make up a strong impression and texture of facial skin become softer, you can use two way cake after wearing powder. Choose the same color as your foundation or a little brighter. Avoid the use of two way cake with wet sponges way because it can lead to fungi that cause skin breakouts later

For the final touch to enhance and reinforce the contours of your face, you can apply a little makeup on the eyes, cheeks, and lips.

1. Eye Brow

Affirmed your face shape by using an eye brow. Trim your eyebrows in advance using an eyebrow brush comb. For a natural result, you can use the eye brow brown.

2. Eye shadow

Choose the color of eye shadow according to your cloth, for results you can choose strong-colored eye shadow and combine them with three colors.

On the eyelid, use light-colored eye shadow, on the corner of the eye using a dark color, and on the brow bone using a light-colored eye shadow to further highlight your brow bone.

3. Eyeliner

Use eyeliner to further reinforce the shape of your eyes that look more impressive. Choose natural colors like black and brown on all around your eyes. In order to maximize results, apply eyeliner on the sidelines where the growth of eyelashes and apply eyeliner with a brush-shaped tapered.

4. Mascara

To perfect eye makeup, apply mascara to make your eyes more full and alive. Or you can use false eyelashes for a more glamorous impression. It would be better, before you use mascara, use eyelash curler to make yor eyelash more slender.

5. Blush on

Use blush on to give the impression of a fresh and natural on your face. Apply on your cheek bones. If you want to give the contours of your face, apply blush on the rather dark color below the cheekbones. To give the impression of a more tapered, apply blush on top of your cheekbones.

6. Lipstick

For the final touch, apply lipstick with a little color to look more glamour and soft colors for a natural look. Use lip liner to shape your lips. Don't forget to use a moisturizer lips (lip balm) before using lipstick so your lips remain soft and not dry.

Apply all the step of make up carefully and you will get the perfect make up for your perfect appearance.  Good luck

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